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If you have a story that you would like to turn into a working, selling, published book – we are here to simplify the process for you.

From editing all the way through to publishing, we are here to assist you by pointing you in the right direction on this new journey!

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Tamzin Atkins, CEO of Flame Light, reviews every email and manuscript she receives before passing it on for second opinions from her team. They then work together to decide if there’s a book and take each client through the step by step process of creating a published work.


Hannah Dinkelmann is a professional editor and copywriter with clients spanning multiple continents. After receiving her degree from Oxford University and spending a year in the magazine publishing industry, she now works with Flame Light providing copy-editing, copywriting, and social media services for our authors and staff. Her expertise is in polishing your work to elevate it to our publishing standards. 


Hi, my name is Amy Hofmann. I am a self-taught, experienced, skilled, innovative, and affordable freelance designer currently offering a range of services to my clients. I absolutely love my job and what I do. I can cover all of your design needs, including typesetting, book cover design, logo design, business card and letterhead design, brochures, flyers, posters, and a range of other services.


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Broken Dandelions- Alternative ending

This thrilling novel is about sixteen year old Sawyer Kylan. She arrives in the small remote town of Justus with no memories of her earlier life. As Sawyer begins to settle into the town and make friends, she is horrified to discover that everyone thinks that she is the Sheriff’s missing daughter Mary-Grace Bowen. Mary-Grace was believed to have been kidnapped ten years ago on the very same day that her twin sister, Sarah-Mae, was murdered.

 What happened on that fateful day ten years ago? Could Sawyer be the missing girl everyone believes she is? As Sawyer becomes the talk of the town it is now up to her to uncover the towns secrets, while guarding her own. It’s not long before Sawyer finds herself dealing with more than she had expected as she delves deeper into the towns history determined to bring justice to the town of Justus.

 As the mysteries and secrets are uncovered, so is the action, the romance and suspense of living a secret life.

Scarlett Penny - Coming Soon

Arabella McCullen has recently lost her father and feels like her world has no meaning…. 

 After the passing of her grandmother, a year later, she is forced to go to Ireland to sift through her grandmother’s possessions. Once there Arabella shuts the world out, rejects the support of those around her, dismisses the one man that could show her how to live freely again and fights love in every way out of fear of loss and failure.

 Lonely and in despair Arabella discovers her grandmother’s journal and begins to learn more about her family and their history. This leads her on a journey of self-discovery through the love of a Scarlett penny that travelled through years of hardships and loss, but ultimately love.

 Can Arabella follow the example of the Scarlett Penny, come to terms with her loss and dare to love again?

Who I am- Editing still

Two stories, one book.

 Kira is twelve years old the day her life changes; she knows she is adopted, she is plagued by nightmares that is a memory she can’t place. Kira has powers, what they are? Kira doesn’t know. But today they manifest, and today she finds friends, who start out as enemies, with powers. Together they go find out who they are and how they became this way.

 They don’t get the answers they want and end up living ordinary lives, or so we think, 25 years later. Kira’s twins go search for a lost boy, now a man that was part of their mother’s past. They want to finish their mother’s story; they want an end to the nightmares that still plague their mother and friends.

 Read this book of children who are lost in war and battles that should not be theirs and how they have powers unimaginable that is made of pure goodness to defeat evil.