Two stories, one book. 

Kira is twelve years old the day her life changes; she knows she is adopted, she is plagued by nightmares that is a memory she can’t place. Kira has powers, what they are? Kira doesn’t know. But today they manifest, and today she finds friends, who start out as enemies, with powers. Together they go find out who they are and how they became this way.

 They don’t get the answers they want and end up living ordinary lives, or so we think, 25 years later. Kira’s twins go search for a lost boy, now a man that was part of their mother’s past. They want to finish their mother’s story; they want an end to the nightmares that still plague their mother and friends.

 Read this book of children who are lost in war and battles that should not be theirs and how they have powers unimaginable that is made of pure goodness to defeat evil.

She was staring through the shattered glass like she could see through my soul. She didn’t know who she was just like I can’t tell who I am.