Broken Dandelions-SECOND EDITION

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This story is about sixteen-year-old Sawyer Kylan, who arrives in the small remote town of Justus with no memories of her earlier life. Sawyer, who carries many secrets of her own, then settles in the town of Justus. She is shocked to find out that she is the Sheriff’s missing daughter Mary-Grace Bowen. Mary-Grace was believed to be kidnapped ten years ago on the very same day that her twin sister, Sarah-Mae, was murdered.

The series revolves around Sawyer, and her new family and friends. It is now up to Sawyer to uncover the town’s secrets, while guarding her own, to find out the truth about the day that only she can remember. As the story unfolds, Sawyer finds herself dealing with more than she had expected as she dives deep into the town’s history, and is horrified to find out what has been going on under the resident’s noses for more than a decade.

Sawyer takes it on herself to solve all the towns mysteries and secrets to bring justice to Justus town, but in doing so, Sawyer finds herself tangled in a corrupt, felonious scheme.

As this series progresses, so does the action, the romance and the thrill of what’s going to happen next. Secrets also start to unfold as each episode goes by, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat, interested and wanting more.

4 reviews for Broken Dandelions-SECOND EDITION

  1. admin

    Nelia Roberts
    There is a second book right???? I couldn’t put it down. Spent 3 days on a friends yacht and couldn’t put it down! Thank you!

  2. Makkie

    Makkie Coopman
    Your book is awesome, could not put it down. Three more people have read it and they are enjoying it. We are waiting for the next book.

  3. Lauren Fredericks

    Lauren Fredricks
    Broken Dandelions is a book that is both suspenseful and captivating. The Author allows you to be drawn into Sawyer’s world of mystery, action and remembrance.

  4. Carla

    Carla Goncalves Van Zyl
    Hi, Tamzin..finally got a chance to read your book last night (started at 9:30 pm and sat up till 3 am). I found it riveting, a well thought out plot, real and a very good read, A wonderful story and you are truly talented. Let me know when the next one comes out

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