This is your Husband- Paperback




I was always a believer in the word of God, deep down. I made mistakes like most teens, but the one mistake I didn’t make when I was young, was believe the word of God, that fateful day, when I met Jeremiah and God said to me, ‘This is your Husband’. It was perfect at first, and I trusted that God knew what He was doing. But that illusion of perfection was shattered when it seemed like we were about to lose it all. And that is where our real story begins. At the age of 27, we had three kids under five, and I became pregnant with our fourth. Yet, my husband, my best friend, was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t recognise him anymore, and I didn’t know why, until one day I got a call…

The man I loved more anything, was lost to drugs and the sins of adultery. Thus began the biggest fight of my life for my family and the soul of the man I loved.


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