We are a self-publishing company with a plan. We do not have a set quote for each book. You pay per your book needs. We layout the plan, and we employ an aggressive social media marketing strategy. We can also provide details for marketing and distributing. We also organise quotes for printing from different printers, and you pick and choose.

Whilst editing, and designing the book, we market it through social media, to entice a broad range of potential customers, who are hungry for a good book to dig into. When the book reaches its final stages, we pre-sell the book. By preselling enough to print the books, you usually get extra books that you can sell, and make back the money you put in. Once you are making profit, for every book we sell, we only take 15% profit. We DO NOT do deliveries, but have a ‘Sale’ and ‘Author’ page up on the website.

We can also add your Amazon link to the page, or add it to our Amazon page, and regularly send you updates when there are sales.

 The first thing we do is:

  1. Evaluate
  2. Quote
  3. Edit
  4. Book Cover Design
  5. Marketing
  6. ISBN number
  7. ISBN Barcode for PDF and Print
  8. Build the book
  9. Get quotes for printing and make the right spine size
  10. Sell! Sell! Sell!

 We can get you Library Q&A’s, where you can sell the book, along with other places, depending on the type of book it is. We have contracts signed, and we can do an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

 I hope this helps you understand us better. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We also offer for Cape Town people, classes, as per videos, posters and forms below.